Sunday, February 7, 2010

Will You Be There - Helping Haiti (Boyce Avenue cover)

In my last blog I talked about changing the world and one way is giving to Haiti, which we all know has faced some harsh devestation in the last few weeks. I wanted to post this but didn't know how. And now I do. Enjoy the song, I think they did a beautiful rendition, along with some touching photos of those in Haiti. The texting numbers are there and different ways to give... Just watch it.

Boyce Avenue has a special place in my heart. They're one of the reasons why I got hooked onto Youtube, and they're first out of country tour was in the Philippines! Enough said. Check them out.

 Again, if you can, give. Every little bit helps. Lets not forget the need over there just because we don't have to see the aftermath daily. Truth is they are living in it. We are super blessed her in North America, or wherever you are. The way I see it, I don't deserve this life anymore than the next person. So lets share the wealth.

                   Alexandra of course...