Friday, January 1, 2010

Hello world, this is me

So I am a chicken. I started this back in, oh who knows when. I believe I wrote my very first blog and got it out there, but after a day or too chickened out and deleted it. However with the new year Ithough t why not start it up again?

I don't know why I'm so scared of posting or leaving things I write up... I guess it's just so easy for me to write, in a personal way, that when I start thinking about who might see it I end up freaking myself out. But I'm going to work on that this year. Is this one of my New year's resolutions? More like goal of my life. That goes with less procrastination, reading more, staying on top of homework, waking up earlier, budgeting... oh the list goes on. Ha.

You'd think that since I'm a college student I'd be all about voicing myself and sticking up for what I believe. Well, to tell the truth, I like the idea but I'm working on actually living up to it. I'm not the avid activist kind of student, I mean I was even a college drop out last year after my first year as a social sciences wanderer. Tangent? I think not. It just all explains why I've decided to take this opportunity to make some inniative for change at the beginning of this fresh new year of 2010.

So let's be brave and honest and put it all out on the table.

Hi, I'm Alexandra if you didn't know. I go to college part-time and work as a nanny on my off days, or whenever it works. I'm into tea, acoustic guitars, chill music, man glasses, aquiring books that I will read in the far future, Jane Austen, musicals, and informercials. I'm such a dabbler in my hobbies, jumping from one to the other then back, and therefore don't develop any of them very far. These include sewing, painting, playing guitar, knitting and making vidoes.

I'm Canadian and full-blooded Filipino. Yes, I do have the best of both worlds and am glad for it. I've been very blessed so far with the life I've been given and I can't wait for this year to start rolling. Well it already has, hasn't? I'm excited for the year ahead and what's to come. I can feel change coming and the arrival of 2010 has just made it that much more exciting!

So what to expect? Well I was also inspired by my friend Shayne who started this 365 Project where she's going to take a picture every day of the year. I've also seen other examples on YouTube of people making a video every day for 2009, SOTC365 was the guy I followed. This has inspired a new trend in that world. It's pretty amazing. Not just the fact that these people are sharing parts of their life, but also the fact that you actually do so a change in them by the end. A change in editing skills, more creative ideas, gain of camera/lighting knowledge, and an overall change in character.

And what are my hopes for this? Well I don't plan to write every day, but at least once a week. I do get these ideas at night, start them in my head, and get mad at myself for not writing them down and sharing with others. I know I'm not the most amazing writer and I'm young at my opinions, but I believe everyone has a story to tell that's worth hearing. So I'll share bits of mine.

Happy New Year and welcome to the year 2010! It will be a good one!

Alexandra of course...