Monday, January 18, 2010

Boyfriend blazers, boyfriend jeans and other trends in culture that remind me I'm single...

I need to find another passtime. It seems that whenever I go out for a drive to "practice" (yea, that's a whole other story) or have some extra time on my hands I end up at the mall. And sure I can say all I want about not spending money and how I'll just be window-shopping, but the truth of the matter is that when I walk out the doors there is some bag in my hand or objects in my purse that required some cash burning (no I don't sneak things in my bag, I just try not to use plastic bags. Be GREEN people!).

It's not just the spending money part that gets me though. It's the trends that are coming up and the terms they use for these new must-have wardrobe pieces. Yes, I am talking about the boyfriend blazer, which I am actually so into, and boyfriend jeans, the whole adrogynous look. There seems to be little distinction between girl and guy fashions. IT'S INSANE! But maybe I'm biased. Not just because more than half the guys out there can pull off the skinny jean or them v-necks better than I can, but it all reminds me that I'm single.

I have a headache right now and it got me thinking of that song Ingrid Michealson sings. "Your head is aching, I'll make it better". And I just thought that I have no one to sing that song to me. Yes, emo time with Alexandra. Excuse me while I go write a poem about it.

That's better. Ha, no but seriously. It's a smart marketing strategy. Targetting the single and naive ladies, selling this piece of clothing to replace the role of a man in their lives, my life. I don't see any girlfriend jeans... or maybe I do... haha.

Nontheless I guess that proves someone's not ready for a relationship. I mean if you're basing your whole worth on some guy to fulfill you, then maybe a relationship isn't something you should be looking for. The way I see it, personally I'd rather be confident in who I am as a person, single and all, before I get myself into a relationship. They're both ways, give and
take. If I'm being needy all the time requiring validation then I'm puting little into the relationship and taking so much. That's where relationships fail, or so I've seen.

So for now I'll take a boyfriend blazer or two, not because of the name but because I'm digging the style. And to all the single ladies: now put your hands up... in the air and wave 'em like you just don't care!

I thought that was clever... Haha. Yup single life can be awesomely amusing, and awkward. No, just me? Well, I'll take it!

Alexandra of course... XD